Chemical Treatments


Cooling Water Treatment

In cooling systems, water causes phenomena of corrosion, organic and inorganic fouling in the system itself. The combination of these three phenomena may cause serious problems which result in heavy money losses. Appropriately designed treatment programs that combine such corrosion inhibitors with dispersants, fouling inhibitors and optimum biocides, permit increasing the´┐╝average life of thermal exchange units, as well as achieving a substantial energy saving.

Corrosion Inhibitors
Scale Inhibitors


Boiler Treatment

Steam generation is the heart of every indus- trial plant. A well designed treatment programme reduces the risks of caustic corrosion, generic corrosion, oxygen corrosion, embrittlement, settling of inorganic solid matter, foaming and corrosion in the return lines of the condensate. A serious study carried out on the boiler fire side will also allow choosing an appropriate treatment programme aimed at optimising combustion and

Internal treatment
Oxygen Scavenger
Fireside Additives
Resin Cleaners
Condensate treatments


Wastewater Treatment

More and more attention is being paid to the quality of the water taken and then returned to the environment. An increase in yields, treatment potentialities, quality of treated water, working conditions flexibility, as well as cost optimisation is made possible by the use of appropriate treatment programmes. The well established experience of Beaumont in this field along with a critical examination of systems has led many times to results that were beyond expectations.

Primary Treatment
Inlet Clarification
Activated Sludge
Lime Softening


Process Fluids

Several different specialty products, depending of each industry problem and process.


Industrial Maintenance

Special cleaning agents, both water and solvent base, protection agents, corrosion inhibitors for acid pickling, paint removers, other several specific and tailor made products.